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Thermoshrinking Foil

Thermoshrinking foil represents a well wrapped and cost-effective load. They have a broad range of application. They are meant for an easy, quick, clean and durable wrapping for all kinds of products/bottles, cans, cardboard boxes, even with use of a hood film and RIPACK 2000 shrink gun.

The specification of offered film is as follows:

  • strap – thickness of 0.03 to 0.2 mm, width up to 2000m,
  • halfsleeve – thickness from …to , width to 2000m,
  • sleeve – thickness from 0.05 to 0.18 mm, width to 2500m.

On request we offer:

  • bags,
  • thermoshrinking hoods,
  • PE inserts,
  • covering film.

We also offer PVC foils, which have food certification.

Our range of thremoshrinking foil wrapping tools:

Gas shrink gun for shrinking foil:

The use of thermoshrinking foil is a universal solution for packaging problems. By using PE foil and the RIPACK 2000 tool you’ll secure goods, save time and lower packaging costs.


  • non-heating nozzle – maintains room temperature
  • rotating, from horizontal to vertical position
  • heats on a very large area
  • short shrinkage time
  • non-dismantling nozzle ensures longevity
  • adjustable regulator– power is controllable to suit all kinds of film
  • internal overheating protection
  • the double safety regulator protects the appliance against internal overheating
  • low weight of the appliance
  • swivel connection – prevents hose twisting

In line welding machines with electromagnet for foil sleeve packaging:

 TypeWelding timeWeld length
1.ZPT 6001 – 6 sec.600 mm
2.ZPTO 600 with cutting1 – 6 sec.600 mm
3.ZPT 10001 – 6 sec.1000 mm
4.ZPTO 600 with cutting1 – 6 sec.1000 mm

On special request we are able to deliver a welding machine with a weld length of up to 3m.

Angle welding machines with an electromagnet for foil halfsleeve packaging:

PowerWelding timeArm dimensions
1.ZK4 – 3805 – 150 W1 – 6 sec.380 x 380 mm
2.ZK4 – 4507 – 180 W1 – 6 sec.450 x 450 mm
3.ZK4 – 50010 – 200 w1 – 6 sec.500 x 500 mm

On special request we are able to deliver a welding machine with arm dimensions of up to 3m in length.

Shrink tunnels for packages wrapped in thermoshrinking foil:

 TypePowerPassage heightPassage width
1.TE 39 T3 kW150 – 350 mm390 mm
2.TE 45 T3,5 kW150 – 350 mm450 mm

These are sample configurations. There’s also a possibility to adjust power and package dimensions to suit individual requirements.

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